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Several Issues


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I was not sure which thread I was to post this, so I am taking a shot here.

First, to the developers of the A318/A319 great product, the concept is A++, and I understand that there will be issue on release with different persons running it under different environments.

So please accept my two cents re the issues I am having:

1) My original download worked relatively well outside of the weather radar, speed brakes and reverse thrust not working.

a) The Terrain on ND worked, but when following the guidance from the Step by Step manual...no joy. Using Opus for weather generation.

B) The aircraft would not slow down on approach, and speed brakes did not deploy whether manually or via key stroke. The aircraft also failed to slow down while configuring it for landing. I also experience erratic pitching during the decent and approach.

c) The reverse thrust did no deploy when using the programmed joystick button nor via key stroke, even after several attempts after vacating the runway.

I then updated with the two hotfixes that were release, the current one being 1.01C

Since applying hotfixes:

a) Speed brake deploy of a little but only when the lever is pulled manually with the mouse.

B) Reverse thrust only work via keyboard input.

c) Terrain on ND stopped working. Weather radar still does not work even after setting weather environment to poor weather.

d) Aircraft does not level off smoothly and still perform erratically on approach and has difficultly tracking and fling an ILS approach

e) The Configurator was update to have a Performance option. This is not present. Please see pic attached.

I know fixes are in progress, but if anyone knows of work-a-rounds please let me know.



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Good morning and thank your for your post,

I can not answer all your questions but I will start with the ones I can.

1a and 2c, when did the Terrain on ND stop working? What stepnumber was it in the step by step tutorial? And, I have to ask here, did you switch on the weather radar by flipping the switch to 1, increasing the brightness of the display, and deselecting terrain on ND?

I ask because you cannot see the weather radar and the terrain on ND at the same time.

As for 2 e, I always thought the performance option in the configurator was in the top right box called ND. The more symbols the less performance.

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