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I think there's a bug, but the developers don't believe so!

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From the Extended FAQ, but still more than relevant:

If you are really sure there's a bug, be sure to provide evidence that its a bug - (bug is not referring to technical issues eg freezes).

Note, that when I say evidence, I mean real world evidence (be it in the form of videos or pictures) that that doesn't/do happen in real life. If there's really a bug and its clear from the evidence, we will change it as soon as we can.

However, if you insist that things are buggy without any proof and using pilot friends as your testifier who never post on here, it wont work.

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To quote one of my Real World Pilot Testers since he said it perfectly:


The main problem we have here is the fact that people sometimes, sort of you in this case, state "I Think" as pure facts.

If Aerosoft would develop an A320 based on what people with no real knowledge think of the aircraft we would have a fantasy plane.

Not everything in this software product is exactly like the RW plane. We are talking about a PC addon and not a level D FFS.

The developers are open to any suggestion to make the product even more realistic but they need some sort of proof that what people, you in this case, want is also real.

The developers work hand in hand with real A320 pilots, me for example, to get this product just right. Do you think they believe me when I say this system functions so and so? No, I have to provide video, pics, manuals as well. The only difference is that I am in a position to do so.

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