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FAQ - X-Plane 10 STEAM Version


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X-Plane 10 is available via Steam. And so a few very common questions have come up, that I want to put together here with tips and answers.

STEAM does the installation of X-Plane 10 largely automatically and without further DVD's. But the simulator-program X-Plane 10 is a relatively open system. So it is possible that the user have to perform some things after the installation by hand so that X-Plane 10 will run correctly and the scenery will looking fine.
These things are not handled automatically by Steam!
In order to do these configurations, you have to know the place, where the simulator X-Plane 10 is located on your harddisc: The X-Plane 10 Main (Root) Folder. In many articles here in our forum for X-Plane 10, the X-Plane 10 Root folder is repeatedly important. This main folder is also very important for the STEAM version.
Note: Some Mac users report that the right mouse button does not work... Then you can use instead Ctrl and "Left Mouse Button" .
Or goto the Systemconfiguration - Mouse Menu and configure the right mouse button to "secondary click...".
1: How to find the X-Plane 10 Main (Root) Folder (STEAM Version):
  • Start STEAM. Goto LIBRARY.
  • Right click on your X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit.
  • Choose Properties.
  • In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.
  • And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.
  • Now you are in the X-Plane 10 Main (Root) Folder and you see the path in your file explorer.
2: How to install other continents:
  • After the X-Plane 10 installation via STEAM only the simulator with a small scenery around Seattle is installed.
  • Other continents can be installed as follows.
  • Start Steam. Go to LIBRARY.
  • With the right mouse button click on X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit.
  • Select Downloadable Content.
  • Into the window X-Plane 10 Global - 64 bit - Properties click on DLC.
  • There, the continents are listed and can be installed by setting the respective check mark. STEAM starts the download automatically in the background.
  • The download (with installation) may take a long time. The files for the continents are very large (GB range).
  • Note: The continents can NOT be installed with the Steam SHOP. With the purchase of X-Plane 10 you are already the owner of the continents.
  • But they are just not yet installed.
3: How to install additionally STEAM purchased addons:
  • This works like the installation of the continents (point 2).
  • After purchasing with the STEAM SHOP the corresponding addon (airport, airplane ...) appears in the DLC folder and STEAM will install it automatically.
4: How to install addons, NOT purchased via STEAM (this also applies Freeware ...):

This is possible as follows. I assume that the addon is now present (eg, an airport or an airplane) after purchase (eg with our Aerosoft shop :) ) locally on your own hard drive.

  • If the addon does have an installer, execute it. During the installation process, the installer will ask you for the X-Plane 10 Root folder. You can find it again as shown in point 1. After entering the X-Plane 10 Root folder, the installation can be continued normally (serial number, etc. ...). When the addon installer is completed, the addon is available in the simulator.
  • If the addon does have NOT an Installer, it must be copied into the correct directory respectively. For this the addon have a corresponding statement. For airports, it is always the Custom Scenery folder. For aircraft it is always the Aircraft directory and then, the most suitable folder (Heavy Metal, General Aviation, Helicopters ...). For Plugins it is the .../resources/plugins folder. This directories you find behind the X-Plane 10 Root directory.These two folders (Custom Scenery and Aircraft) called the user-folders. Here you can do changes and in some cases you MUST do changes. But do it carefully.
5: Is it possible to change the installation-location (X-Plane 10 Root Folder), may be after the installation via STEAM?
This is possible. However, not easily. With the STEAM account it is possible to change the installation location before the first X-Plane 10 installation. This is recommended if a hard drive with not enough space (X-Plane 10 with all continents takes about 60 to 70 GB) is automatically selected. To do this, start Steam.
  • At the top left open the STEAM menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • In the settings window select Downloads.
  • By clicking on STEAM LIBRARY FOLDER (LIBRARIES) you can create a new directory for the STEAM Downloads or remove an existing. Please use with caution!
  • If X-Plane 10, however, is already installed, you will uninstall it before doing change of the installation (downloads) folder (remove/create). Some tests I have not yet performed for this cases...
  • While there are so-called "Steam Mover" programs, i don't know how they worked and I could not test this function in conjunction with X-Plane 10.
6: Is it possible to connect one X-Plane 10 box version with Steam?
  • At present, this is not possible. We can not calculate STEAM keys for the box versions.
7. Is it possible to run X-Plane 10 with the STEAM OFFLINE Mode?
  • Yes, with the X-Plane Version 10.30+ it is possible.
  • Start the STEAM Application in OFFLINE mode and start Start X-Plane 10.

8. How to redownload the simulator or Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache.

  • You can redownload the simulator, if you have deleted the simulator files or the files are damaged...
  • At first try to check the game cache.
  • Goto LIBRARY
  • Right click on the Sim (X-Plane 10 Global), choose Properties, and now choose LOCAL FILES.
  • In this Menu you can DELETE LOCAL GAME CONTENT and after it is done, INSTALL the Simulator again (this is a redownload!).
  • If you will delete the Simulator, please make a backup of your additionally installed Addons before!

9. Make a backup of your Simulator files and restore it.

  • Open the Menu Steam.
  • Choose Backup and Restore Games.
  • In the opened window choose Backup currently installed programs
  • Click NEXT
  • Choose X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit
  • Now you see the Disk Space required. Write this required disk space on a paper sheet.
  • Now you can create a folder for your backup with enough space. Name it for example X-Plane 10 Backup.
  • Now click NEXT in the open Steam Window Backup and restore Programs.
  • Choose your created folder or use the default one if there is enough space.
  • Name your Backup File and in the drop down list choose CD, DVD or Custom.
  • CD or DVD if you later want to create CD's or DVD's from your Backup.
  • Choose Custom if you want to save one file on your harddisk.
  • If you choose Custom, than you have to put in the file size in the next field (MB). Use a little bit more than you have written on the paper.
  • Now click NEXT and run the backup

10. Restore the saved simulator files.

  • Open the Menu Steam
  • Choose Backup and Restore Games
  • Choose Restore a previous backup
  • Choose the Progam folder with your backup and than the Backup-Name.
  • Click NEXT to run the Restore.

11. Backup and Restore description with more details on Steam:

Backup and Restore worked in this ways for all Simulator files incl. the addons, sceneries and continents.

X-Plane 10 itself (always the most recent stable version via Steam) is completely identical (functionally) with the same version of the X-Plane 10 box.
Thus all our tips and hints, FAQs, Articles etc. .. in this forum are applicable for the STEAM version. It is worthwhile to read this, and the X-Plane Manuals (X-Plane Root Folder).
But you just have to know the X-Plane 10 Root folder, as this is an important part of many configurations.
One important work after the installation, for example, is the configuration of the joystick:
If there are uncertainties, or questions that relates X-Plane 10, just post it in the appropriate place here in X-Plane 10 forum.
If there are directly problems with STEAM (STEAM account, STEAM configuration, download, etc. ..), then the corresponding STEAM support on the local steam-website is more suitable.
Greets Heinz
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