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Planning NATS Routes Prior to Route timings?

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and in the real world?

In real world usually schedule is adjusted so you can use NATS and reduce flights conflict. If flights is late for whatever reason or its schedule is late or way early to be on track system jut plan random route (create your own lat/long route) but have lat/long at least every 10 degrees for position reports to ATC. Stay at least 1 degree (better two, otherwise ATC will give you reroute) off active track and you will be fine. You do not have to participate on NATS system. You can use expired tracks but make sure sure you are not crossing active tracks. If you are using expired track make sure you list route as lat/lons in ATC filing and not like NATB or NATX. Expired tracks are no longer tracks!

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Hi Tim

Yep know that, but according to Gary (Dispatcher) they get them (real World) approx 8-10 hours before the 'go live' time. Hence you have that time to plan routes.

Yes, it looks like its a timing issue in PFPX or maybe they just need to adjust the server clock by approx 12hrs!


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