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ATR 72


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I would like to register my ATR 72 but I can not find the aircraft in the popup list, the point is that I would like to update the ATR with the patch but up to now I do not know where to find it.

What do I wrong?

Any help appreciated


Sorry, problem solved, I have the patch.

But I still do not know how to register.

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Hello Martin3h,

where do you buy the ATR72-500?

Aerosoft Download Shop or Box?


In your downloadshop account https://aerosoft-shop.com/login.php?language=en (same eMail and password as used with the purchase), the entry is

Aerosoft - ATR 72-500 X-Plane

The actual version is 1.10

Box :

go to http://support.aerosoft.com/support.php?language=en (registration required, "left side: New registration")

Than you shall find the entry

Aerosoft - ATR 72-500 X-Plane

In the Box shop account (Support Database) you can download the update when you have purchased your download-copy from other stores too.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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