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AirbusX extended for Xplane


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I agree, having recently moved from FSX to x-plane 10, there is a need for the Airbus X A320/321, there is nothing anywhere near ad good available

Well since Aerosoft hasn't released any planes on X-Plane yet, it would take a lot of time, But at the same time we have already 3 Airbus Version im competition. As Mk 75 already stated the JARDesign A320 Neo ( http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/x-planestore/Detail?no=436 ) that has grown to a nearlly full featured Airbus since it was released.

But there are also the rather expensive A320s from Peter Hager ( http://www.petersaircraft.com/ ) and the new payware version from QPAC ( http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/x-planestore/Detail?no=509 ). Both have only a 2D cockpit and no full FMC but they have a superior FlyByWire system and both are scheduled for a 3D upgrafe in the near future and for the QPAC they plan a full featured model by the end of 2014. (

http://www.qpac.de/index50bb.html?id=104&lang=en )

Since all three developers have developed for X-Plane for several years it would be pretty difficult to develop a better A 320 without considerable experience with X-Plane 10/11.

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