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"Scenery Germany 3" breaks EDDL ILS 05L

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shared for the benefit of those experiencing the same problem

(strangely enough, I couldn't find this mentioned anywhere -- Is it old hat? Does it hit only me??):

I noticed that the ILS approach "IDNE" to runway 05L at Düsseldorf (EDDL, in my case from the "German Airports 3" add-on) did not function properly: The localizer needle jumped from the extreme left to the extreme right; the glideslope indicator didn't come alive at all; a plane in ILS autopilot mode started turning 360s, etc. etc.

As it turned out, the culprit is to be found in the "Scenery Germany 3" add-on: This contains a glider field Bergheim ("EDL5"), south of Mönchengladbach EDLN (towards the Nörvenich VOR NOR). Remarkably, this glider field boasts an ILS approach "IABC" (!) which uses the same frequency as the EDDL 05L ILS (namely 109.5), unfortunately is also in range of EDDL, and therefore messes things up.

Solution: Use the AFCAD2 tool to delete this ILS (make a backup first! :D ),

file: "x:FS2004AerosoftScenery_Germany_3SceneryAF2_EDL5.bgl"

(Or, if this is really a glider field with an ILS, change the frequency; but then of course make sure that it doesn't now collide with other navaids in the area...)

After that, the ILS to 05L at EDDL works again as advertised. :D



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This is a known bug but it was soved within hours after the online release.

If you bought the online version, you will find an update file in your customer account.

In case you bought the boxed version, this problem was never there.


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Hello Sascha,

thanks for the reply!

Indeed, I have the download version (or else I wouldn't have noticed the problem :D), but somehow the update had escaped my notice.

But after all this time it was still nicely available in my customer account for download (good service!), so now I have it, too.

And this thread perhaps will help the next googler after me :D

Thanks again,

best regards,


(no more "circle to never land" at EDDL 05L! :D)

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