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Additional remarks in export files

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I was unable to add remarks to the exported flight plan for Squawkbox 4. I tried to fill out the /RMK field under advanced setting but any changes were ignored. I even tried to change the /PBN field but they wouldn't show up in the exported file. However, these changes did appear in the OFP/ATC windows of PFPX.

I presume I am making a mistake here. Any help would be most appreciated.



P.S.: I am asking because I like to have the url of my VA displayed on Vatsim. Of course one can add it by hand when submitting the flight plan in SB4, but it would be nice if such a remark would be automatically added. It would be even more nice if the airline database could be modified to add a url for specific airlines.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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