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PFPX v FSCommander 9.3

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I have been a satisfied user of FSCommander for some time now. I was interested,intrigued and excited when I read about PFPX. Having now looked at the screenshots, and quickly skimmed through the user manual, I am wondering as to whether PFPX is perhaps a bit complex/advanced for my needs.

Those needs are not that extensive, mainly flying the Airbus or 737NGX within Europe

I would welcome any views as to what may make me move over to PFPX.

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Personally I've always found FSC fuel calculations to be way off, but it's never pretended to be accurate. PFPX on the other hand is pretty darn accurate. I thought the same as you but having bought it, I find it encourages you to discover more about flight planning. You can make it as complex as you wish or just use the auto settings. Start with the default values then play around and fine tune it as you grow into it. But... If you're just a kick the tyres and light the fires kind of simmer though it might not be for you.

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