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Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' (G-BIHO)

Daniel Fürnkäß

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File Name: Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' (G-BIHO)

File Submitter: Daniel (CSR)

File Submitted: 19 Aug 2013

File Category: Twin Otter Extended repaints

Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended - Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' V1.3

Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' is a small British airline operating as the name already says the Isles of Scilly.
Destinations are Exeter, Newquay, St. Mary's and Land's End.

This Download features completely reworked Twin Otter Extended textures.

What changed with V1.1:
- interior now added to the download

What changed with V1.2 / V1.3:
- checked files as reported 'broken', no issues found

Livery created by Daniel Fuernkaess (Cheese-Strike Repaints)

Feel free to visit my homepage http://www.cheese-repaints.de/

Click here to download this file

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