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ATR 72 - No Taxi Light, Dim Instruments, Speedbugs hidden under Speed Indicator


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I've noticed several issues so far with the ATR 72:

- The Taxi Light doesn't appear to work. When I flip the switch on, no lighting shows up on the ground in front of the plane. Also, when I choose an external view looking at the front of the aircraft, I can see no light sources on the aircraft.

- There appears to be something wrong with the lighting for the Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter. They appear dimly lit regardless of the cockpit lighting making them very difficult to read. For example, at night time, even with the cockpit lights off (battery off) these instruments appear to be dimly lit, whereas the rest of the panel is completely dark. When the power is turned on and the cockpit lights are turned to the maximum brightness, these instruments are still very dim compared to the other instruments on the panel.

- The speed bugs on the Airspeed Indicator are not working correctly. It looks like they are somehow being rendered underneath the face of the instrument. So I can see a faint blur on the edge of the instrument when I move the speed bugs around with the mouse -- I'll try to get a screenshot of these issues when I get a chance.

PS. Is this forum the correct place to get support for the ATR 72-500? I tried going to McPhat Studios for support and they said that they do not provide support for this aircraft and that Aerosoft should be responsible for support. However there doesn't seem to be any official support for this aircraft on the Aerosoft website. The only thing I can find is this forum, which isn't even a part of the "English Support Forums".

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Hello JimmyTheChimp,

yes, this is the right place...

We do the support and atgcab (developer of the ATR72-500) will do some special support here.

There will be a patch in the next time for the ATR 72-500....

See this thread too:

http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/59875-atr-custom-sounds-not-working/#entry495311 (Post 23)


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