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Cockpit not right


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Hi Guys, just downloaded the DR400 and all is not well. The instrument panel is not the same as the screenshots, all the gauges seem to be hanging in thin air, if I look back or to the sides the fuselage is transparent and when I go to spot, the aircraft disappears leaving just a shadow. All the suggested settings have been applied to no avail. Any suggestions please.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs


It would help if you would post a screenshot of what you see. Also, some more information might help, like system specs, OS version, FSX version, if you installed as administrator, any tweaks etc.

Lastly, adding HIGHMEMFIX=1 into your FSX.cfg [GRAPHICS] section can help with skeleton aircraft issues, if that is the issue you are having (though, without a screenshot it's hard to tell if that is the issue).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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