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FDC : Suggestion for airport ambience

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:D Hello !

1 - For those of us who already have Aerosoft's "My Traffic" add-on installed, it is not so useful to keep hearing taxying planes passing-by, when on the airport ground:

with "My Traffic", we can hear and see the planes at the same time, whereas with FDC you can only hear the planes and you see none of them.

2 - Therefore, I suggest "My Traffic" users to use the FDC airport ambience facility to hear other airport ambience noises that passing-by planes.

As an example, I attach hereafter a set of wind sound files that I use for foul wheather flights (wind wav files are of course installed in

CProgram FilesAerosoftFDCAmbienceSmall Airport, for a small airport).

As long as my plane is taxying, with the FDC usual corresponding check-lists and announcements, and "My Traffic" planes moving and roaring on the tarmac, I can hear the strong winds blowing around the plane, which sets me in the right mood.

Best regards,

Philippe Renard

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