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  1. Hello Ianh, When opening the "Fuel and Payload" window (Aircraft - Fuel and Payload, in the FS main menu), if you can see that the Center of gravity is too much close to the nose of the plane, go to the FS9/Aircraft/Your aircraft directory, and open the file aircraft.cfg. In the § airplane_geometry, set the parameter wing_pos_apex_lon to 16 (the exact number is to be tested, because the greater the value of wing_pos_apex_lon, the more backwards the Center of gravity moves). You can then check, in the Fuel and Payload window, that the Center of gravity is now correctly at the middle of the p
  2. Hello Velj, At some time, after running A320 PIC, when I tried to stop FS 2004, the FS menu or usual FS commands did not work for me. I had to kill the process “FS9.exe” in the “Processes tab” of the “Task Manager” (what you get with Ctrl+Alt+Suppr). Maybe you can do something similar. Bests, Philippe
  3. Hello Matt1, Did you solve your problem with the clicking in the Virtual cockpit ? I had this problem once in the middle of a flight, but everything came back to normal after I re-started FS 2004. Best regards, Philippe
  4. Hello h1racer, I guess that you are using the old A320 PIC and not the planes from the new Wilco Airbus series Vol 1. If this is the case, you can change the shortcuts for anything, and the doors in particular. In FS tools bar: Options - A320 PIC - Setup Keys Assigments (button) Left forward pax door, etc Mofify (button) Best Regards, Philippe
  5. "Hello Philippe, Thanks for letting us know about your workaround." Hello Shaun, Thanks for encouraging me to post something on the Wilco A320 PIC. So, this is where I am standing by now: General Unusual barriers A320 PIC can be as enjoyable as any complex plane add-on, and the full 3D cockpit approach is especially remarkable, but it contains strange features that build an unusual barrier between the game and the common user. This may be the reason why there are so few entries in the sim forums about this software. I have tried hereafter to cast some light on features that I fou
  6. Hello ! I have finally found a way to start the PIC320 with my FS2004 configuration: I create a flight with any other plane, then I use "Plane - change" in the FS menu, to change the first plane into the PIC320. This is obviously not uncommon with elaborate plane add-ons (like the old PSS Airbuses), but it must be considered that the procedure was not at all suggested in the brochure included with the CD. Best regards, Philippe
  7. Hello ! I cannot start PIC320 in FS2004. Details of the problem I had bought the Aerosoft boxed version Version 3.1 of A320 Pilot in Command, maybe one year ago, and I am now coming back to it, to start the add-on. The installation runs smoothly, no strange message pops-up. FS2004 starts OK. In "create a flight "in FS2004, I select the aircraft "Airbus - A320 Pilot in command", and I push the button to start flying. At this time, FS2004 gets blocked and does not answer anymore. I need to make a "Power off" of my computer to stop it. Miscellaneous complementary information I use Windows
  8. Hello Cheyenne pilots :wink: ! Need for a Flight Simulator type GPS I understand that the look of the Cheyenne panel, as provided by the sim product, is rather old style, to faithfully reflect the date of creation of the plane. The provided default GPS is therefore rather primitive and does not include any map showing where we are, in particular it does not show the position of the plane relative to the runway, when approaching. With the default GPS, in conditions of zero visibility, we need to maintain a navigation map, at least mentally, taking into account our previous moves, t
  9. Hello happy Cheyenne pilots ! I would like to share a few practical operating remarks, for functions for which I have hesitated while learning how to use the plane: Engine starting up Just after the starting up sequence, when the engines are running steadily, push the "Auto ignition/Manual" and "Starter/Generator" overhead switches into "Auto ignition" and "Generator" modes. For the "Generator" mode, right-click twice on the switch, because there is an intermediate position. If the "Generator" mode is not switched on, the electric power only comes out of the batteries, which are
  10. Bonjour Quentin, Ce qui est compris par "propeller lever" full ahead, est en fait la position "drapeau" (feathered) de l'hélice, c'est à dire le levier au maximum vers soi. On démarre avec : - Gas = 0 - Propeller lever = Feathered (vers soi) - Condition lever = 0 Une fois qu'on a 10% de la vitesse de la turbine, on pousse le "Condition lever" au maximum (le plus loin de soi), et l'hélice se met à tourner. Cordialement, Philippe
  11. Hello Ianzee, To activate the ILS function: - On the Autopilot panel, select ILS course and frequency, - Open the EFIS panel (shift 7), - Select "Vor/Loc" as source for the navigation data, on the EFIS panel, - At this time you can see the ILS arrows on the Navigation Display - Select "Approach" on the Autopilot panel, - The ATR starts aligning itself with the ILS course, then it follows the glide slope when arriving on the glide slope. You only need to adjust the speed manually (110 kt in final phase). - Quit the autopilot when the ATR is a few meters from the runway and raise th
  12. Good day Mathijs, Many thanks for your encouraging answer. I will happily send a wish for one or your products to info@aerosoft-shop.com. Bests, Philippe Renard
  13. Hello ! One new feature brought to FlightSim Commander by patches n°1 and 2 is the possibility to use NATracks and Pacots. I found those functionnalities no enough documented for my needs. I apologize to brillant users who will find it unuseful, but I would like to report in this forum what I have found: NATrack : North Atlantic Tracks Pacot : Pacific tracks. Both NATrack and Pacot are standard airplane tracks for planes to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific. Screenshots below illustrate how to use these features: You first select "Download NATracks". You arrive in the NATra
  14. Hello! Flight Sim Commander 7 has enjoyed the addition of patches (patches n°1 and 2) which bring new functions into this wonderful add-on. Unfortunately, I found those functions not enough documented for being able to use them correctly. Wiser users will believe this is a complete waste of time, but I would like to report into my favourite forum (this one) what I have discovered: IVAO is short for International Virtual Aviation Organization and their website is http://www.ivao.aero/hq/ VATSIM is short for Virtual Air Traffic flight SIMulation network and their website is http://www.
  15. Hello SAF, Yes indeed. They say that we can start from an stardard airplane (supplied in the FDC package) close enough from the one we wish to use (let us say here the Baron 58 ) and then we customise all messages. For the time being, not having much choice, I will just do this. Thanks, Bests, Philippe Renard
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