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Canopy reflection and Colour


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Hi everybody! I purchased Discus X a few years ago and what with not really having the time to get FSX running well and then having to deal with the complexity of multiple addons, Cumulus X etc. I gave up. Busy getting my bronze and silver in a real K6 :D Also its easier to fire up Condor. Anyway Its the middle of winter here in Toronto and I have managed to Breath new life into FSX.

Since Condor is such a good soaring sim, FSX has to be about eye candy and getting to do the aviation that you will never do for real.

I did try Glider discus X again a few months back but again the Canopy reflection caused me to give up expecially sinse I was told by Aerosoft support that no fix was available and there where no plans for a patch. But just the other day I found the fix in this forum. That's bad news for Aerosoft Support. :confused_s:

Here is the fix if anyone else is still looking for it:


However all-in-all I am still not happy after applying the fix.

The Canopy reflection is still to strong and I think the Canopy is tinted Grey or blue!

See the attached screen shoot with one eye inside the Glider and one eye outside.

Now in reality many modern gliders have tinted Canopy's. I have never flown one but I bet

they are not as dark as the Discus X canopy. If I had the opertunity to fly a glider with a canopy this dark I would politely decline for safety reasons.

So my question is:

1. Is there a fix to remove the tint, colour form the canopy.

2. Is there a way to edit the .dds files to tone down the relection even more?


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Well, your FSX seems to be darker then standard. (Sky colors)

Normally the tint of the canopy is as it is in reality. However, you can try adjusting the alpha layer of the dds file. (Make it darker) But I am not sure, how I made the transparency. Maybe this will not work as it should. In this case, the model would have to be changed, which will not happen.

Best regards, Joachim

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