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QuickLook function in X-Plane 10/11

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The QuickLook function is a feature in X-Plane 10/11 .

This represents 10 (20 for X-Plane 11) aircraft and cockpit views, which you can configure by yourself.


Sometimes it is necessary to have an accurate view of a variety of devices and displays, or even a quick look to the right or left of the window.

These views can be preset by the QuickLook 0-9 (10 views). You can configure it with the 10 number keys at the numeric keypad.

The steps are as follows:

First: In the 3D cockpit view, set the desired view. Or even an exterior view ...

Second: Now press Ctrl 0 (or any other digit from 0 to 9). The number must be on the number pad on the keyboard.

Third: Thus stored, you now can see this view by pressing the 0 (without ctrl) on the number pad.

4th: Pressing the 0 again, the previous view is restored.

5th: These 10 QL's you can also can place on different joystick buttons. 

6th: The saved views are aircraft specific. They are saved directly in the appropriate directory of the Aircraft, stored as "Aircraft Name_prefs.txt".

This Quick Look's makes the "work" in the cockpit much easier.


Greets Heinz

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