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help with the winch

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I'm trying to understand the settings in the winch..

length.. should this match the length of the runway or longer.. what is typical length?

speed.. what is the typical speed?

but what is the limiter? I don't understand what it does..


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Hi Brian,

length should be around runway length. It can be more depending on the size of the airfield. Normal lengths in Germany are 1000-1300 meters.

speed should be 110-120 for the Discus.

The limiter is the weakest part in the system. You'll need the red one for the Discus. The black one is ok as well, if you fly the heaviest version. (CS with full load of water) The blue one will survive some weaker launchs, too, but is not save for winch operations with the Discus.

The reason for having a limiter in real life is safety. If something goes wrong, the limiter can break. But this break can also happen during normal take offs and bring you in seriour trouble, so be aware of cable ruptures every time.

Bests Joachim

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