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[Prepare3D]BeaverX missing Gauges


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I've just did a P3D installation from scratch, created some ..\users\..\appdata\... FSX fake directories using mklink commands to related Prepare3d directories etc...

Allmost everything went fine, I was able to install and run nearly all of my AS products (Sceneries, Aircrafts, but no Missions) using their normal installers. But I have only some trouble with Beaver X 2.30. There are 3 instruments missing NAV1/VSI and HSI


Since I have no skills of Aircraft- and panel.CFGs building, I am in hope someone here can help, where and what to search for ti fix that problem.

Thanks in advance


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I thought this is a hobby forum of friends sharing their FS expierience, and like to help eachother. Of cause I've found a lot of entries here, but only those with the message there is a known problem, but I found no solution for it.

Meanwhile I found the solution of this problem, but not inside this forum! For the others, who need help concernig this problem:

- locate file Beaver.cab in C:\...\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Beaver Standard Wheels and extract it to a temp folder

- Take an editor and delete lines containing <!DOCTYPE Gauge SYSTEM "../gauges.dtd"> in following files

clock,xml, gyro.xml, hsi.xml and vertical.xml

- create new Beaver.cab using your temp folder and replace the original.

- For extract and creating .cab files a tool like 7-zip might be helpful

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