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My first P3D screenshots

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From last weekend, when I finally bought P3D v1.3; the default Maule, which FSX fliers will be familiar with, over some Orbx FTX Australia countryside. I've stopped any further transferring of files as v1.4 is out in a few days, and I'll start again with Orbx's migration tool.

Downtown Melbourne off to the far right;-


The teeming suburbs. You can smell the barbie smoke even up here;-


Heading towards the mountains;-


Closer still;-


Into the red heart of Oz, and Orbx's YBAS Alice Springs add on, which gives you the airport and the town;-



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Matt, there is a kind of kudos to flying a flight simulator by Lockheed Martin, no ? Lockheed...Martin...gawd, think of all those famous aircraft!

Boerries, no worries! You are right, and I'm not doing anything more until 1.4 is installed. Luckily, Orbx's FTX scenery migration tool makes the transfer easy ( though the original files remain in FSX, and must stay there ) and Rex Essentials requires a $4.99 P3D license fee, after which, Rex Essentials works perfectly with the new sim. I've done nothing else as far as transferring FSX add-ons, and will wait till the new version is installed. :)

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Kudos for playing flight simulators? :lol: Of course there is we are all such cool guys at the pinnacle of our hobby.

No I said because its Lockheed Martin. Think...Lockheed...Electra, P-38, Sarfighter, U-2, SR-71..P3D

Martin...Marauder, Maryland..Martin Mars..P3D

Microsoft...erm...Minesweeper, Flight.. ;)

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No image showing there Matt - just a little rectangle with 'Posted Image' text in it.

BTW, saw an L1011 at Cambridge airport about three weeks ago, stripped to bare metal with its engines running; an RAF TriStar, obviously, getting some TLC from Marshall Aerospace. How I wish I'd had a camera

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