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What is NOT included / simulated

Mathijs Kok

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Wing Flex

A controversial decision but ever since we discussed this for the Airbus X things have not changed. We decided not to include wingflex for three reasons:

  • We have never seen it done realistically in FSX except on the Discus Gliders. The animation is always too late, too slow and in in relation to the cause.
  • It causes the external to be a lot larger and more frame rate demanding.
  • The wings on the A320 range is very stiff. much stiffer then those on simular Boeing products and not at all comparable to long range four engine aircraft. They move several decimeters, the A320 moves centimeters (of course under heavy stress a lot more but that's very rare).

Weather Radar

FSX does not know about weather in any other locations then where the users aircraft is. In fact, there IS no weather at any other location. So what can be done is to paint some bitmaps when there is rain, but the weather radar will never show where it rain, it simply does not know. That would lead to disappointment, and bug reports. We feel that's not worth the screen candy.

Terrain on Navigation Display

We decided not to do this as it rather complex, VERY costly in frame rates and would require the aircraft to use a lot more memory. It's also more or less the difference between a high price aircraft product and one in the 35 Euro price class. We might add it later.

Full Airbus NEO systems

When this project was done Airbus was still working on the NEO version and were not willing to assist us with information on what is new and different on this model. So what we included was the A320 NEO demonstrator that was used in 2011/2012 for test with the new wings. The cockpit and engines on that model were standard A320.

Failures and emergencies

We did not spend much time on system failures and emergencies. The main reason for this is realism. Take for example the RAT (the small turbine that delivers power and hydraulic pressure is all systems fail). In all flights of an A318, A319, A320, A321 ever done it was only extended on time. That's because a twin engine failure only happened one time. We could say these failures are integrated highly realistic and will happen every few hundreds of thousands hour of your flights. As a friendly pilot said, "if you include these things your are simulating our simulators, not real aircraft". We much rather kept the price down then to include these things.

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