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I can't find any thermals


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Like the title tells I can't find any kind of lift even my CumulusX main screen looks like this:


I have bought personal license to CumulusX and set everything up correctly by reading manuals. What am I missing in terms of finding thermals?

Best regards,



I use REXEssential as my weather engine. I don't know if that has anything to do with CumulusX :)

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Hi Teepa,

thermals will be found only under the "special" clouds produced by CumulusX! (or somewhere in the blue if no clouds are present at all), and not necessarily under the "normal" FSX clouds. To make the difference clear, set weather theme to "Fair Weather" first and tick the "UnBlue" option in the Add-on Menu of FSX under the branch CumulusX!. This should show you the CumulusX! clouds only and make it easier to fly to the spots where you'll find definetely thermal lift.

best regards,


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