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screen fps lag with tripple monitor

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Today I received the Katana and wanted to try the maintenance system it has. BUT it has a known issue with the people that have 3 monitors like me with Tripplehead2go.

Using the 2D panels if the size of the panel is 1.0 1.0 it will convert the cursor to the thinking donnut blue cursor for ever and will drop the fps.

There is a way to solve it.. and it is changing the size from 1.0 1.0, to 0.333 1.0 to just put the panel into one of the monitors and Comment (//) the line of position.

BUT in this panel.cfg is different and I cannot change all the panels.. so I cannot use the fuel panel for example

How can I solve this situation? Thanks!

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Ok.. fixed!!! and will post in case someone has same issue.

For example.. one problem comes from the fuel panel.. Ok.. so you have to change the 1200,200 size to 900,150 for example beeing the lines like this in the panel.cfg:










gauge00=MFDA20_GUI!GUID-GRND-FUEL, 0, 0, 900, 150

Change in both lines and after loading again fsx it loads correctly and the cursor is not blinking so correct fps.


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Excellent you have found your own solution and posted it, that it might be of benefit to others.

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