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I can´t fill up tank and can´t check pitch in screen

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Hi guys,

I have a prob in the preflight screen and are not able to move the fuelinghose (?) or move it to fill up... I can open the cover and can choose the gas, but thats all....

The same with checking the pitch... no chance - nothing moves...

I have tried with reinstalling with different versions. 1.02, 1.03, 1.03a.... nothing... It started after updating to 1.03a.

I also have made a..... what is it in englisch... systemrecovery? Ok.... I did it back 1 one week ago, when everything was still OK.... But: the same....

Has anyone an idea??



EDIT: It is solved..... don´t ask me how.... started a default flight, thrown out the standard xml, reinstall the katana.... anyway, the functions are back (at the moment ;-) )

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