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Date on Updates page

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In my eyes it would be an improvement if Aerosoft added dates for your different updates. I have so many of your products so it is difficult to remember if I have downloaded a certain update (and the problem grows as I buy more and more sceneries etc).

As it is now I go to your Update Page perhaps twice a month. Each time I have to go through all my products, first selecting the product and then press "Continue". And then I get a list with "Service Pack 1" or "Update 2.1" etc. I don't remember which updates I have downloaded (well some of them I recognize) and as I have FS9 on a different computer (never used for browsing the Internet) I have to run back and force again and again to compare the upgrades I have saved on that computer and what is in the list. I you stated each time you upload an update the date (day, month and year) it would simplify things immensely. Even better would be if you had a system, so that in the list you would only see updates you have not downloaded yet. It would probably be difficult to design an automatic system. But this could be solved by a "Click in the box to mark as downloaded". And if you wanted to see all the updates (even the ones you have already downloaded) there could be an option for that. Or the downloaded file could be visible but marked so I can see that I have already downloaded it.

As Aerosoft gets more and more products this problem will be more apparant. simMarket has solved this in another way, which is better than yours but far from perfect.


Krister R

Uppsala, Sweden

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