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Throttle flipping back and forth


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Reinstalled the drivers and SW and works fine again.

Hello Guys at Aerosoft.

I bought the Katana 4x yesterday and made a wonderful flight with about 2,5h duration.

I did all the checks outside and checklists inside for startup and shut down.

Today i started up my FSX and loaded the standard flight into FSX with the plane on the ground and loaded the Katana into the sim. It was in COLD AND DARK setup which i chose yesterday as my favorite state in the setup menu.

As the plane stood in front of a wall after loading EDDK into the sim i tried to use the Tow function that comes with tha Katana and faced the issues allready explained by other users here in the forum with my plane jolting into the air a bit and reaching about 80 kts after trying to get it back into its parking lot a wheel cover was broken and the main gear was broken too.

I used the maintenance funtion to let it repair itself and replaced the wheel cover with a new one from the equiption menu.

Everything looked quite normal then and i started my normal setup ready to flight routine to one point: The Throttle keeps flipping back when i try to apply throttle with my Joystick.

I recalibrated the stick with no luck. It kept jumping. I unassigned the axis from my stick and used the F2 and F3 key to apply throttle but again, it keeps jumping.

This way it is impossible to apply any throttle at all and the plane will not pick up speed not to say take off at all.

I installed the update 1.01 and the launcherupdate but no luck again.

What next? Is thios a known issue?

Am i using the plane wrong in any kind?

Did i forget some obvious tiny screw or tweak i should have..?

I would be pleased not to uninstall my Katana nor the whole FSX if possible.

BTW: I also installed the FSMap Demo tody. Maybe these two interfer in some kind nobody thought of before?!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Mario Pietzsch

P.S.:I am German (Kiel) maybe i write this again in german if my english does no comply.

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I am sorry for the issue i caused and found the solving to ot myslefe. i uninstalled the yoistick and reinstalled with Saitek SW.

Now it works like fine again like yesterday evening...!

Thank you for reading and never mind, Mario.

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