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Huey X Stick Control


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Hello Aerosoft Team

I downloaded and installed the Huey X, in addition to other helicopters including the Dodosim Jet Ranger. All helicopters work perfectly well on my computer, but the Huey X has some problems with my hardware. My relevant setup details:

Saitek Stick AV8R-01

Logitech Gamepad G13 (this allows me to fully control the FSX without keyboard)

Windows Vista 32 bit

FSX Gold Edition

FSUIPC full version

EZDOK Camera

Unfortunately, there is no way to control the anti-torque and the cyclic with the Saitek joystick. Both functions are blocked; flying the helicopter is impossible. Joystick calibration with FSUIPC doesn't help either. There seems to be an interference with the G13; I noticed that the G13 mini joystick controls the cyclic. But even if I deactivate this stick, there is no way to control those functions with my Saitek joystick.

Note: I never experienced any problem with any other aircraft using the G13.

Help would be much appreciated.

Best regards


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Thanks for the reply. The Joystick Config Tool solved the problem.

It would be helpful to mention "Huey X" in the topic title or topic description for the Config Tool. It was not obvious that I would find the solution to my problem from that thread.

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