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Saudia livery?

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Here´s an early Beta of Saudi Arabian Airlines. Still some work to do (lining, Logo, etc.) but I hope you like the preview:



Sorry for not replying sooner ("FlyDubia" 737-800 have just started a service between Abha and Dubia, so I've been checking myself out on that route with the default 737-800 and a downloaded paint scheme.)

The pictures look so real, Great stuff!

As a side, Abha (OEAB) is approx 6800Ft with fairly hot and windy conditions, it seems to have a weather system all to its self with the escarpments around it and the winds from the Jeddah and Riyadh areas. In the sim there are nasty wind shear conditions close to the runway approach, which proves interesting! :-)

I'll keep checking back to see this work of art progress... Thanks.

Clive (YokeBloke)

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has any told Aerosoft that there download section doesn't allow any up loads?

Hi Clive!

Thank you for the kind words! As you can see in this thread the paint is finished but as the download section still doesn´t work here at the Aerosoft site, I haven´t uploaded it right now. I hope it´ll work again soon!

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Yes Ive been in contact with Shaun regarding that issue and he promised to get it fixed soon. I haven´t heard any news for a while now. I´ll try to get some news.

Any chance you guys would be able to have the link to your uploads on here?

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