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  1. download it then deleted it!! way to boring compared to FSX!!
  2. Wow Holgi, looks amazing ......big fan of your repaints would you please consider doing the Royal Jordanian A321 and may be Royal Wings too if that's not too much to ask my friend Thnx again and keep on pumping those great repaints out!! Tony
  3. Holgi I prefer you do it cause you do such a great job and consistent!! That would be great Tony
  4. Can Some one do Royal Jordanian and Royal Wings Please? http://www.flickr.co...ker/3114516736/ http://www.planespot....show?id=150309 would really appreciate it!! Tony
  5. Love it Holgi , wish you can do Royal Jordanian too!!
  6. looking great, I guess your working on getting the door colors aligned!! cant wait to fly this bird:D Thnx Tony
  7. Is there a way that we can turn on the Logo night textures separately from cabin night lights? I know that we can put a separate entry = 9 in lights section!! but I want the textures to come on instead of adding a new set of reflective lighting!! please advise thnx Tony
  8. Great job and like your new website!! any chance you could do Royal Jordanian please? http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=38952 Thnx Tony:D
  9. waeln

    IBERIA A321

    Thnx Marcel....it would be great if he will post his website on here Tony
  10. waeln

    IBERIA A321

    Holgi where are your repaints available for download please? Thnx T
  11. Yes Please, been waiting for that for a long time!! Can some one also do this one please http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=133699 http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=150309 That would be a great gift from Santa Thnx Tony
  12. Any chance you guys would be able to have the link to your uploads on here?
  13. I agree with the quality of Aerosofts work!! an A330 or A340 would be an amazing add on!!
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