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  1. Emanuel, the reason you have great sales and data to prove it, is because you are the leaders in producing affordable products that wow us!! we look forward to that with every new release!! texturing windows is old school , cartoonish more like AI and default planes!! look at Mcphat studios, they are the masters in realistic texturing , when they decided to develop the ATR, they didn't choose window texturing!! they modeled it correctly with cabin windows!! if you look at the most preferred sim planes flown in most of the forums, the ones that are textured are cargo and the rest is not! its because we prefer flying the more realistic looking ones and more!! The A330 is a beautiful bird and needs to be modeled with the same quality as your 320 series if not more! frame rate friendly and boring will fade really fast!! I hope you guys would consider that with an update or a feature when released!!
  2. Emanuel, I agree on the frame rates and see your point!! but some of us have great systems, very few out of memory errors and use P3D!! why not make one that has a feature that you can choose which is frame friendly for fsx and one with all the bells and whistles for the most of us who have moved to P3D!! With every new product that comes out we should be adding new features and not taking them of the list!! we should be moving forward towards the new simulations that are now offering new features not the old ones that have reached there limits!! You guys do amazing products and I'm willing to pay more for a product that surpasses competition!! Captainsims 777 and blackbox are not $135.00!! I'm a big fan of your work and know that you guys are able to provide top notch products with better features every time!! keep up the good work and please take that into consideration!!
  3. Thnx for the explanation Stefan and amazing work!! understand on the dynamic reflection but really wished you modeled cabin windows! they do really ad realism, specially when using 55" to 65' screens!! We do like the fact that PMDG and captain sim does that on their 777 and was hoping you guys will do the same if not even better
  4. Looks great!! will you guys apply dynamic reflection and see through cabin windows?
  5. download it then deleted it!! way to boring compared to FSX!!
  6. Wow Holgi, looks amazing ......big fan of your repaints would you please consider doing the Royal Jordanian A321 and may be Royal Wings too if that's not too much to ask my friend Thnx again and keep on pumping those great repaints out!! Tony
  7. Holgi I prefer you do it cause you do such a great job and consistent!! That would be great Tony
  8. Can Some one do Royal Jordanian and Royal Wings Please? would really appreciate it!! Tony
  9. Love it Holgi , wish you can do Royal Jordanian too!!
  10. looking great, I guess your working on getting the door colors aligned!! cant wait to fly this bird:D Thnx Tony
  11. Is there a way that we can turn on the Logo night textures separately from cabin night lights? I know that we can put a separate entry = 9 in lights section!! but I want the textures to come on instead of adding a new set of reflective lighting!! please advise thnx Tony
  12. Great job and like your new website!! any chance you could do Royal Jordanian please? Thnx Tony:D
  13. waeln

    IBERIA A321

    Thnx would be great if he will post his website on here Tony
  14. waeln

    IBERIA A321

    Holgi where are your repaints available for download please? Thnx T
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