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FMGC Airbus aerosoft

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I want thanks the aerosoft equipe for the great work of the Airbus and the release .

I thinks all systeme are pretty good without the Vnav and Lnav .

I would like know if their 'll have an upgrade for have a FMGC realistic with Sids&Stars/Vnav/Airways/CG/ etc..

But i Know aerosoft annonced the airbus 'll be basic

for the cockpit 10/10 same for Overhead and radio the only problem is the FMGC

so my questions are

Their 'll are an upagrade for the FMGS ?

If yes , approximate when ?

and we 'll have to pay ?

sorry for my english



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if I am not wrong, aerosoft has mentioned (a while a ago) that they COULD do an advanced version of the bus, but they did not say when they will release it (I think they are not even working on the advanced version right now, other things to do..).

In my own opinion, I think that aerosoft will do an advanced version of this airbus since it is a great addon (in view of 3D modelling and Graphics). But that is (most persumably) dependant on sales figures and turn-over.

Oh and yes, you will have to pay for it, but it is worth every single cent! =)

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  • Root Admin

Right now we are not commenting on any further development of the Airbus project for the simple reason we have made no decision. It's also not something we spend a lot of time thinking about. All developers moved on other projects so when it happens it will not be soon.

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