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PA31T Cheyenne II XL Frame Rate

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Am I doing something wrong?

I have an AMD 64 Athlon X2 system with 4 Gb of RAM. FSX default Beech Baron BE58 gives up to 40 FPS and the Aerosoft B747-400X between 25 and 40 FPS. However, my PA31T Cheyenne II XL from Aerosoft only gives up tp 20 FPS and drops to 5 FPS at times. When switching from 2D panel to 3D panel I get a 'grey out' and a delay of up to 5 seconds before the frame is restored. Have I not set something correctly?

Any help appreciated.

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You state neither graphics card nor operating system information so it's almost impossible to make a focussed suggestion.

However the delay in loading is symptomatic of texture buffer exhaustion.

Turn graphic sliders down, make sure you have up-to-date drivers for your graphic card, ensure the card is NOT overheating (although this is unlikely in this case), check you don't have other memory-sapping programs running at the same time as FSX, make sure the drive on which the Piper (and FSX) is installed is properly defragged, undo any of the FSX .cfg tweaks you may have applied, and perhaps remove any `snake oil` tweaks you may have applied to OS or FSX.

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