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Cumulus X v1.6 & SimProbe

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Is SimProbe still needed or desired with v1.6 of Cumulus X ?

I currently have some issue with very poor frame-rate w Cumulus X although it is not a problem every time and am hesitant to add another program in the mix.

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Hi Burt,

Sim_Probe is not anymore needed since CumulusX! 1.5.

best regards,


yup, the functionality of sim_probe was embedded into CumulusX, so you no longer need the separate sim_probe install. Developer collaboration FTW. As the ridgelift functionality of sim_probe was no longer needed, I concentrated my efforts on a 'logger' solution instead, and son-of-sim_probe became sim_logger.

With Cx you can open the 'debug' window to get a clue to whether your PC is struggling a bit - e.g. look at the 'number of active thermals' quantity that's displayed (100 would be fairly normal) and if you have framerate issues you can see if radically reducing 'thermal density' in the Cx settings makes a big improvement (and you'll see the #thermals number in the debug window be much lower). If the framerate doesn't improve then maybe Cx isn't your problem and it's something else.

If you comment on your CPU and your graphics card that might give a few clues - a weak graphics card is particularly sensitive to cloud drawing or scenery shadows while the CPU is knackered by dense AI traffic, among other things...


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