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Dear aerosoft team,

Is a priviledge for me to be a part of one of the most succesfull companies for Flight Simulator on scenery creation and aircrafts

Yesterday i bought the ATR Eurowings and dowloaded the Isdt ATR 42 and 72 variation

I have merged the panel of Eurowings ATR into ISDT with the latest update and the latest Fsuipc but there is a problem which i can't understand why it happens

As soon as i load the ATR42 model after 5 to 10 minutes the electrical are gone and as a result no autopilot working,no coms or navigation as well lights

Tryed to reinstall everything from the beggining and the same still happens

I do not know the reason and i would like the opoinion of an expert so that can help resolve this issue

Thank you in advance and best regards from Athens/Greece

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