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Sim Logger 1.18 available

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What it is?

OK, let me explain it short.

In real life gliding, most of the pilots use a logger to record the path of their flights.

Almost every glider flight is a competition flight.

Look at this site.


Short said, people flying against each other all over the world.

You can compare this with offline competitions in FSX.

The flights can be seen in several programs and the good ones optimize the flight regaring special rules and end up with points.

Here is an all new program made by Ian Lewis (the maker of the C4) that does exactly this.

It is a logger.

But not only, it has several functions more, and don't try to cheat ;-) As in real life, simlogger detects, when the engine is running.

Here the link. Easy to install, and easy to use, and VERY good.

We are currently thinking about an ONLINE competition program.

Of course you can use simlogger online, too, but a program, that makes it more comfortable, and enables you to see the other people in a list and their current grade would be fine :-)

But this is a future step.

Here the link to the sim logger thread in the SOAR section:


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