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Problem With Installing Mega Airport Frankfurt X


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I seem to be unable to install this Aerosoft add-on that I have downloaded.

The registration was succesful, but it somehow seem to be unable to locate the FSX folder.

Tho that I am logged in as administrator in my Windows Vista PC and that I manually choose and thus browse to the FSX folder, then the installation program still thinks that I haven't done it.

What is happening and how can I solve this problem if possible?

Thanks for any help and advice on the matter. :)

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Hi Shaun,

Thanks for trying to help me in solving this problem. :)

This is a partial copy of an email notification of my order that shows that I in any case have downloaded the correct file I hope.

1 x Mega Airport Frankfurt X (10730) = 24.95EUR

Version Download

Below the file I downloaded from the link in the email that took me right to my account:


I unzipped the file and beget in a folder only this to click on: AS_EDDF2008_V100

for the installer to start. Once it does I beget an opening photoscreen that says and seem to indicate it to be the FS9 version instead of the FSX one. When I go further after a succesful registration, then I choose the FSX destination folder, but I beget a question when clicking on next: Did you select the FSX folder.

But I did and so I suppose to be having the right installer for FSX based on this.

In the zipped download that I unzipped was only one installer that gave no choice option between FS9 nor FSX.

Hope you can help me out on this.


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