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FS Flight Keeper 3 now Released.

Shaun Fletcher

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Aerosoft has just released Version 3 of the well known FS Utility Flight Keeper.

FS Flight Keeper 3.0 (FSFK) combines seven programs in one: A Logbook, an Aircraft Black Box, a Flight Weather planning tool, a Flight Information System (ACARS Device), a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), a Cockpit Sound Environment enhancement and last but not least Air TV.

Your going to have to go to the product page for details as there's far to much to explain here.

NB: Please note there is a lot of important information on the product page regarding upgrading, registration etc.

Please read it thoroughly.




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FSFK is not a flight plan builder or planner. But it can help you to analyze your flight weather forecast (supports the ActiveSky product range and FS weather). So before you start your flight you can see the actual wind you can expect enroute, etc. FSFKs main focus is on flight recording and analyzing, cockpit sound environment and many other small tools.



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Good evening

The new version is very good and capable, we have a little problems with the AIR TV application but we still investigate it.


I have purchased FS Flightkeeper 2.8 before and can see the download link for FSFK 300 when I log in to my account at Aerosoft, but nothing happens when I click the link, ie a white webpage is shown. Any temporary issues or should the download be working? I tried with IE 7 and Firefox 3.03. Thanks for the release, I'm really looking forward to using it and very much appreciate the free updates for us old FSFSK 2.8 users!

BTW, download works for the other purchases I've done via Aerosoft .



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