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  1. Also check if your settings are correct. Maybe you changed something there? Thomas
  2. Hi, maybe you missed a waypoint of your flight plan? This tab is only updated if you reached the waypoints in your plan. Regards Thomas
  3. No. The FSMap databases are located under "C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\FSMap". The ones for FSX are named *2006*.dat. But I think that the gauge might fall back to the FS2004 mode as it doesn't "know" P3D. You might try to duplicate those 2006 files and replace 2006 with 2004. Thomas
  4. I haven't tried the gauge in P3D. But I guess it should treat P3D as FSX and thus load the FSX NV DB if available. Thomas
  5. Prepar3D is not supported. It's planned but I cannot give you an exact at this time. But there should be no problem except for the NAV DB and the gauge installer. Regards Thomas
  6. It's planned, but I currently cannot tell you any release date. Regards Thomas
  7. Those values only work if the aircraft supports it. There is nothing you can modify. The aircraft designer is responsible for modifying those FS variables. Regards Thomas
  8. FSMMM is another product and has nothing do to with FSMap. In FSMap you need to modify the map priority. I think that's similar to the weight property in FSMMM. I think you'll need to register your copy in the Aerosoft online shop to get access to the latest version of FSMap. If not then send an email to the FSMap support address. Regards Thomas
  9. Ok. Then I guess that this DLL is not correctly registered on your system. Open a command/dos prompt as admin. Now enter the following commands: cd C:\Windows\System32 regsvr32 dx8vb.dll This should result in a new window telling you that this DLL has been registered. Now check if you can get into the sound profiles. Hope this helps Thomas
  10. Open the flight by double clicking on it.Then in the following dialog change the pilot and logbook entries via the combo boxes. Save the changed flight and you're done. Hope this helps Thomas
  11. Can you please check if the following file is installed: "C:\Windows\System32\DX8VB.dll". Regards Thomas
  12. This feature requires that you have installed it for all users (this is an option during the installation). So I recommend to re-install FSMap and make sure you install it for all users. After installing the CD version apply the latest update again. Hope this helps Thomas
  13. Hi, can you please run FSFK in debug mode (via the windows start menu shortcut) and pack and mail me (support address can be found in the manual) the resulting log file from "Documents\FS Flight Keeper\Logs\FSFK.log". Regards Thomas
  14. Answered here: Regards Thomas
  15. You can import any type of images as long as they are not too large. But there is no direct Google support. Regards Thomas
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