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Set in Flight Control Center


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First of all, great piece of work!


Since using SimStarter NG P3D, each time I set "Use system time for Default Scenario" in P3D v5.4, somehow it's reset to default showing a 2020 date. Inside SIMstarter, in SimConfigSet menu, it shows a (Set in Fligt Control Center), even this option is set to "ON".


Question 1: where is the "Flight Control Center located"?  

Question 2: once simstarter is running, should I close it (avoidin RAM usage) or just live it running on the back?





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Q1: What do you mean in detail?

Q2: You can close it if P3D is running, but this does not really make sense. It's very less RAM usage. To close SIMstarter please have a look at the manual.

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