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New Computer - can I export and import all my SimStarterNG settings?

Ray Proudfoot

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Hello Capt Pero,

I'll be buying a new computer in a few months and will be installing P3Dv5.3HF2 on it together with all my purchased scenery and aircraft.

As a long time user of SimStarterNG that will also be reinstalled but I was wondering if I could save some time by exporting all my settings on the old computer and importing them on the new one. Install path for P3Dv5 will be identical as will my Windows username.

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  • Developer

Hi Ray,


there is no explicit "Export" function within SIMstarter NG P3D but you can copy the data folder from your old PC to the new one.

Keep in mind that this can cause some issues:


  • Core information in the RunSets must match to the new CPU
  • Settings from your GPU und Sound has to be imported in the Master ConfigSet
  • Path information of scenery and ScenerySpacer have to match
  • e.g.

Short to say: you have to make sure that the old config settings matching to the new PC. If you are not 100% sure I would export the Settings of the Simulator ConfigSet to HTML and start with a clean copy of SIMstarter and the simulator


This may helps:


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Thank you Peter. Clearly more to it than I thought. That probably explains why you didn’t include an export / import option.


I’ll follow your guidance in the link.

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