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Will not follow flight plan


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I am having issues with the FMS not following a flight plan, that is properly configured with no discontinuities and a SID. As soon as the first waypoint is reached, the FMS looses its bearings and cycles through the flight plan, eventually sometimes even moving past the landing runway and into the missed approach. This generally happens shortly after takeoff. I can use the DIR function to enter waypoints in, one at a time, entering the next waypoint at the point in which I arrive at a preceding waypoint but the aircraft will simply not follow a full flight plan anymore. It seemed to start with the release of the latest navigraph database update(2301), so perhaps there's some sort of corrupted data in that latest file? I've flown this aircraft for several years and this has not been an issue until about the last 2-3 weeks.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This issue basically renders the aircraft unusable.


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