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PFPX route building and flight level issues.

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Hi everyone!


We are writing to you concerning problems with PFPX route creating function.


When we try to build a route from UMMS to UMMG, it completely refuses to use SID via OSMUS from UMMS and sends us direct to point PEPAR. 


The same occurs with the reversal route. Only PEPAR is used as SID from UMMG while using KOMEN and then REWED and ORHIM to KIZIR is correct.


After point PEPAR there's OSMUS and only then KIZIR but OSMUS is a SID fix - it can't be used upon arrival.



Another issue concerns altitudes. When we fly from UMMS to UMII, UMIO, UMGG, UMOO - cruising altitude (not level) is 5000 ft. Normally it should be at least FL170. Flights to UMMS have normal flight level. We found the solution in selecting "No step climb" and "Max altitude". Could you confirm that we are doing everything as it should be done?


Finally, is it possible to have speed in FPL in knots, not kilometers per hour? Can it somehow depend on the FIR?


Standing by for your pieces of advice.



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Hello Aleksej,


  1. I can see the same issue with OSMUS with the same airport pair, the OSMUS SID does get used however on other routes. If I come across a resolution will get back to you.
  2. On short trips the cruise altitude can sometimes  be returned very low, a PFPX bug. Where this occurs set the Cruise Altutude/FL setting to MAX and NO STEP in the aircraft section of the planner prior to computing. Also a poor aircraft performance file can return these errors. Planning with an A320 or Dash8D returns FL240 and FL220 here respectively without the override.
  3. Do you have an authoritative source for the airspeeds used in Belarus FIR ? Speeds are indeed set on an FIR basis.
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And the speed indicated mousing over the FIR name?


Files placed in the main program folder and NOT PFPX Data ?


Checked a separate install here and tested correct.

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To be clear the only speed  change was made to the UMMV FIR as requested.


The route you posted above UUEE-UMMS would remain in kmh as you are likely already in descent entering UMMV.

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Whilst I changed the entry for UMMV based on the national carrier flightplan submissions I'm not convinced the change to KT's is correct, the country enroute AIP references KMH for speed.


Should you wish to change entries locally then edit the FIR.dat file and change the required entry to SA1 for knots.


If you have an authoritative source for the change I'll include it in my own published file.


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