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Aerosoft Airbus A333 P3D V5 with Ezdok addon


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I'm playing Aerosoft Airbus A333 on P3D V5 (exact simulator version is:


When using the Ezdok (EZCA cameras and views) addon I face several issues with the airplane. First, the landing gear goes up and down rundomly (at rundom point of time). Second, the pitch trim (elevator) goes all the way down also randomly. I have modified the key assignment settings and removed everything related to the landing gear and the pitch trim, however the issue still happens. When I start moving the camera using the mouse middle button (the ezdok way of view change) - the elevator (pitch trim) immediatelly starts going down to the minimal value (2 NOUSE DOWN). The landing gear goes up / down rundomly also when view changes using the middle mouse button.


For some reason, today when I was going through the checklists with co-pilot option turned on, it stuck at the "START ENGINE 1" point, (just before the Engine 1 stabilized announcement). The "Engine 1 Stabilized" wasn't announced and the checklist won't proceed. Any thoughts on it? However, both engines have successfully started and the airplane was able to fly, moreover, the indicators were showing that the engines are stable and running normally, but the checklist stuck.


Kind regards,


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