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Cant update Brussels airport with aerosoft one.

Darron Hedge

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Aerosoft one im sorry to say is a very frustrating program.  Unlike apps where you can download files basically anywhere you like and link them in it is very difficult with AO.  Anyway.  I have a number of aerosoft titles including airports and planes.  I use add ons linker so they are located in an aerosoft one library folder and I use them as I need them but linking them in.  The aerosoft one app states that Brussels has an update and it comes up on my AO program as an update but when I click it there is nowhere to update.  It has enable, details or uninstall as options.  I am logged in.  Any suggestions as to how I go about updating this would be great.  

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vor 20 Stunden schrieb Darron Hedge:

It has enable, details or uninstall as options.


This is caused by the MSFS Addon Linker. Aerosoft Ones integrity check for the add-on fails, since you removed either the existing symlink or the actual add-on files created by Aerosoft One itself.

The enable button will try to recreate the symlink, but it will fail if you altered the actual location of the add-on files.


We recommend to not use the MSFS Addon Linker for products installed by Aerosoft One.

Aerosoft One offers both, custom installation folder and the ability to unset / set the symlink for the installed add-ons (enable / disable), so there is no real need anyway:


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First thing you can try is to click the enable button. If you just changed the name of the symlink via the MSFS Addon Linker, this will work.

Otherwise, you will need to do a full reinstall via Aerosoft One.

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