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Problem Calculating Manual Route

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Ran into a problem with PFPX  (v2.04) hanging while trying to calculate a manual route.


I tried calculating a Concorde route in a newer AIRAC as follows:

LINND 3952N06815W 4025N06700W 4307N06000W 4510N05230W 4554N05000W 4810N04000W 4926N03000W 4949N02000W 4941N01500W LULOX ASRAX ABDUK NUMPO NIGIT OCK


I also tried it using a route from KJFK to LFPG.


The routes build fine. When I go to calculate them, PFPX hangs a majority of the time I try.  Anyone else have this issue?



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Using the Concorde performance profile available from the download section, PFPX online weather, EU-OPS fuel policy, with or without an alternate the route computes without issue here several times.

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