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I'm trying to understand the Company NOTAM feature of PFPX.

So far, I have managed to create a Company NOTAM, for example in EHAM, by creating a NOTAM ID (in this case EHAM01), selecting the validity period  and it shows up correctly whenever I plan a flight into or out of EHAM.


However, there's also a window for "Airline/FlightNr". I tried creating NOTAMs with this window with KLM or KL (Airline) and KL736 (FlightNr). But those NOTAMs do not show up under the company information section below the NOTAMs. So, what is this option for? 
I imagine that if I wanna fly into/out of EHAM for example that I want certain NOTAMs to be visible while operating certain airlines, certain NOTAMs to be visible on certain routes (possibly for certain airlines) and other to be visible at all times. 

Am I understanding this part wrong? How do I use the "Airline/FlightNr" window? Or what is it for?

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Could you post an example entry.


Here for example any KLM flight number routing TNCC-EHAM will get the company notam, adding the flight number will limit this to say KLM736 only on that route. BAW would not get the notam at all.




When testing the filter you may need to start a new flight to clear data.

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Hi Stephen,


Thanks for your reply. I finally have time to check in back. I tried your example but it did not work for me.



As you can see in this example, I have created a new flight KLM 734 TNCC-EHAM. Under "Company Information" this NOTAM TNCC01 should be listed. Unfortunately not. I have also tried with the "Route to" filled in (as you can see in the list behind the editor window. Also not showing up. The only reason NOTAM TNCC12 is present is because the "Route to" and "Airline/FlightNr" windows are left blank in that NOTAM. It seems then that the company messages do show up. As soon as I fill in one or both of mentioned windows...it doesn't show.

Any idea's?


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Forgot this one....I have also tried the Company Weather feature but as you can see it's also not showing up. Btw., NOTAM TNCC01 shows up now as I cleared the "Route to" and "Airline/FlightNr" windows as mentioned in previous post.

Do you have any ideas what may be going on?

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For the NOTAM entry where no flight number is required try inserting an asterisk in place of 'route to all' :




The entries show up in the PFPX company notam window yet not in the OFP, will see if there is a required entry.


I have a company weather  entry listed in the planning weather section:


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Thanks Stephen.


About the Company Weather...you're right, I also have it under Planning Weather. Thanks for that, didn't see it before.


About the NOTAMs, tried with the asterisk but also to no avail. I will revert to the code in the OFP template.

Thanks for all your help.

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