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LKTB suggestions for improvement


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Zdravím @Pavel1971 

first, let me thank you for your incredible effort! The scenery looks absolutely splendid and I love the fact that we finally have an up-to-date LKTB with the new DHL terminal and all! However, having worked at LKTB for a couple of years, I noticed a few discrepancies compared to the real deal. Please take these as mere suggestions for improving the scenery even further should you ever consider doing so. I took a couple of screenshots to better illustrate my findings, here they are: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qDuDHRaPNPbFM28LgZegwzmm2tkYC0gV?usp=sharing


#1 Please consider adding parking positions in front or inside the hangars, area South (Herbst) and the police heli apron.

#2 The PAPIs for RW09 should be moved 50m or so further down the runway to match their real position.

#3 The taxi line marking is a little off (missing the guidance for over-steering). Light poles don't match their real position accurately.

#4 The picnic area for visitors should be outside the aerodrome perimeter.

#5 & 6 Jet-blast barriers are missing in front of the TWR building. The building itself is a bit too narrow and a bit too tall (note the size of the windows and how much space there is above them IRL). The tower is slightly stubbier in reality and the light poles a bit shorter.

#9 This area of grass in front of the terminal sticks out a bit and isn't covered in snow when you set winter weather.

#10 Some runway edge lights appear in the middle of taxiways.

#11-14 The night lighting is easily the worst part of the scenery (much as I hate to say that) - there are lots of stray light 'balls' without any physical source of light casting light on taxiways and the aprons in weird places. Most objects lack night textures meaning they stick out like a sore thumb when it gets dark. Light poles should have red lights on top, unlike the rest of the airport, these can be easily seen across half the city in reality.

#15 Looks like a leftover low-res ground texture of some kind.

#16 Would be great if there was an option not to install some of the extra buildings as some of them are already included in the CZ Landmarks package, most notably the M-Palác building which is not accurately represented in your scenery. (Absolutely love the AZ Tower, though!)

#17 No picture, but the animation of the primary radar isn't smooth but the antenna always pauses half way through its turn.


I know I am being extremely nitpicky with some of these, so I hope you don't take it too harshly. Tough love, I guess! :)


All the best





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It's great that you analyzed Brno in such detail! I am grateful to you and in the future, with your consent, I will contact you as a tester.

Let's do it this way. Now I will prepare an update to Brno MFS. I want  to send an update to the publisher on the 22nd.

First of all, I edited the parking lot properties. From your list, what I can include in the update will be a couple of items, say such as (I will move the place for visitors outside the airport service area, edit the projected mesh somewhere). The rest of the points, especially those that directly affect the model, we will postpone to a later date.
Thanks again for such a detailed analysis!

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Of course, I will be happy to contact you if necessary. Moreover, I associate my projects with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, so ... :)

Regarding updates. I've edited the properties of the parking areas, now users will be able to upload in-flight meals, luggage, etc.
Made custom lights (edited lights along the taxiway and new lights along the runway) and connected lighting to them. Now the runway lights do not intersect with the taxiway.
The area that is not covered by snow is covered.
Regarding PAPI. It's not hard for me to move them. But they are based on the bing maps aerial photographs that Microsoft uses. According to bing maps, PAPIs are placed correctly. In 20 or 21 there were changes at the airport and bing maps apparently have not been updated since then.

For now, I'll leave PAPI where it is. I have a valid license for mapbox, I used it to make Brno for P3D. I'll make a projected mesh for the ground on the airport grounds and place PAPI over it. So I have already done in Bratislava for MFS. Now, in Brno, I do not want to do this, because one change can lead to the next. Therefore, we will leave it for a later date, but we will definitely return to it.

Now regarding the night textures. I have night textures on all objects. But, some objects that I use night textures with an alpha channel look like there are no night textures for them. I'll see what can be done, check the properties, and if it works, we'll fix this shortcoming.
While such news. This is a small update, as I said, I will send to the publisher on the 22nd.












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I finished doing the Brno MFS update.
In addition to the above, I fixed the rotation animation of the locator antenna. Now the animation is smooth, with one translational speed, without jerks. In addition, I edited the 3D models of the radar, VOR, corrected the night textures, now these objects do not look like a "sore finger" at night :). Moved the rest area for airport visitors outside the service area.
Upon completion of the preparation of updates for publication, they will be available after a certain time. You will know about this news.

Brno Prepar3D updates have also been completed and sent to the publisher.

Well, I'm focusing on work on the Bratislava MFS project and when Bratislava is completed, I'll do another Brno update. I wrote down all your suggestions for improving Brno and will definitely return to them.


You can always write to me on the Aerosoft forum, send a private message, email me or find me on my FB page :)

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