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Why we are moving to a support system that only uses forms...

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Personally I am not a fan of support systems that force you to a form and do not allow a simple email. Yet, we are moving to that in a few weeks. By doing that we can get the information we need to support and handle things simply faster. The tickets will automatically go to the right department/person, saving on average 9 hours.


Here is a fine example of what can happen when we do not get the information we need to support. This is an actual conversation between me and a customer. As he posted parts of this on several forums (leaving out my answers) I have no problems showing it.  Overall this conversation took 3 days and left a customer very unhappy.


  • Customer: I have a problem, please sort this out!!!!!
  • Support: We gladly do so if you tell us what the problem is!
  • Customer: The autopilot is bugged, it does not work.
  • Support: Okay, so we now know your support ticket is about flight simulator. Would you be so kind as to tell us about what product in what simulator this is, sir?
  • Customer: airbus
  • Support: Thanks for that, sir. But what Airbus in what simulator?
  • Customer: Are you fucking kidding me? How much more information do you need? The autopilot in your airbus does not work.
  • Support: We sell 21 different Airbus products for 6 different simulators, and unless we know more precisely what product this is about, it really is very hard to assist. I assume you know most Airbusses have two autopilot ‘modes’? Have you checked the manuals and flown the tutorial flights? Ore perhaps looked at YouTube tutorials?
  • Customer: Can you just send me the fix?
  • Support: If there is a fix for the issue you are facing, we sure can, sir, but right now, we do not even know the simulator, sir. Would it help if I send you all service packs for all airbuses we have ever sold? These will be for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and 21 different products. In total, there will be 102 files.
  • Customer: It is clear you are not willing to assist me. I will let all my simming friends know about the support you deliver and will pots on every possibe forum about this issue. I will also inform the Better Business Bureau about your lack of support. I will also have PayPal refunt the sale. You suck!!!
  • Support: That is fine, sir. I will now close this ticket. 
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