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Variables available?

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G'day all,


just wondering, if the following variables are availble for call-up in PFPX, as they don't appear in the layout template manual(s):


-Empty weight (the basic weight as entered in the airframe details, with no config adding pantry codes or crew) as opposed to Dry Operating Weight


-configuration weight (difference between DOW and BW)


The aircraft.txt files have the BW entered as <DOW> which is, technically, incorrect...it is a BW that becomes a DOW with the addition of crew, crew baggage, catering, potable water, etc.

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The weight used in PFPX is that of DOW for planning.


Would the basic weight plus crew and sundries not form part of the calculated load sheet rather than planning software?



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Yes, it technically wouldn't affect fuel burn. But then again, neither would the DOW - at the end of the day it's the ZFW that counts. 


Just wondering, since we are able to enter a basic weight and configurations for an airframe :)


The layout I'm recreating has a weight & balance section in which the data for BW, crew, catering, payload are listed which make up the ZFW.

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