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Odd behavior when reinstalling PFPX after YEARS of inactivity

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Due to medical reasons, I have not been able to do any flight simming for about 4 years.  During that time, I uninstalled everything having to do with flight sim from my computer, for space considerations.  Recently, miraculously, I have found myself able to "fly" again.  So, I began the painstaking process of re-installing all my old FSX software, (over 325 planes, sceneries, utilities, etc.).  Of course, I'm not re-installing everything, only the applications I found useful in the past.  I've generally had good luck with re-activation, with a few exceptions.  PFPX, when re-installed, accepted my original registration key, then threw up a quick message thanking me and informing me I had installed the software on 6 different "devices" in the last 180 days.  This was my first and only installation in the last 52 months.  I originally purchased PFPX in 2013.  You all might want to check on that.  The program seems to be operating flawlessly. Thanks for a great program, looking forward to getting everything tweaked and flying again. Now, I'm off to the TopCat re-install.

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