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Does PFPX avoid SIGMETs on its routing?

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Based on the screenshot below? (I mean is it taking advantage of winds and avoiding SIGMETs)? 


Also, there is a thing that I quite can't follow. It suggested FL210 as OPT or OPEN OPT and when I forced MAX, it gave me FL390 and lower fuel burn so what is the actual optimisation?





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No, however it will try and minimize turbulence enroute.


With the expanding Free Route Airspace in France have you installed the latest RAD Restrictions and Directs files from the download section of the forum ?

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Venerable srcooke. Helpful as per usual.


Sorry for my delay, it's been a long work day. Question: I downloaded and installed that RAD Restriction file. That should update my routes but does it bring a significant improvement to how routes are now deployed?

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As airways disappear in Europe as FRA expands then direct links are absolutely required for automatic route finding. These direct links are not contained in airac data.


David's files go a VERY long way in providing these links but by the very nature it is impossible to provide links for every scenario. You can create and your osen additional directs as required, I would suggest to your own database.



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10 hours ago, omendoza said:

So if I understand correctly airways disappear but in turn are replaced by these direct links between waypoints? Isn't that a de-facto airway, generally speaking?


Only if those directs are mandatory as required by the RAD. FRA allows you, in theory, to fly directly between any named waypoints as long as you meet the rules !

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Sorry to invade the post from other person..


Do you guys know if PFPX (or me) can avoid to make a flight plan over restricted airspace?


I'm not talking about choose an airspace or country (for example Iraq or Yemen).


Thanks in advance,



Renato Roberto

SBSP / brazil

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Yes it can in addition to activating other restrictions, temporarily in the advanced route finder or more permanently in the configuration settings:




Sub-routes may still route through the area however.



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