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  1. Sorry to invade the post from other person.. Do you guys know if PFPX (or me) can avoid to make a flight plan over restricted airspace? I'm not talking about choose an airspace or country (for example Iraq or Yemen). Thanks in advance, Renato Roberto SBSP / brazil
  2. Hello, Yep, i know this part.. i thought there was an updated file. But i am updating manually. Thanks, Renato Roberto SBSP / Brazil
  3. Hello, It depends on your company policy about "Weight Reference" to perform the calculations. In my company, the Operations Department chose to use the following figures: Single Engine - ETOPS 120 = Mach 0.84 / 320 KIAS - ETOPS 180 = Mach 0.84 / 320 KIAS AIRCRAFT REFERENCE GROSS WEIGHT = 320.000kg (Our figures is in Kilograms, instead of Pounds) Certification Weights MTW = 347.451kg MTOW = 346.544kg MLW = 251.290kg MZFW = 237.682kg The maximum deviation distance was defined based on FPPM ETOPS Table, considering the following data: ETOPS 120 = 865nm ETOPS 180 = 1291nm Remembering: these data belongs to my airline, defined by then. Each airline has its own definition, but i don't know what the reasons are for defining this especific figures. Thanks in advance, Renato Roberto SBSP / Brazil
  4. Hello, guys. First post here (i think)! Do you guys know if there is any "Airlines TXT" update in the years that passed? A lot of airlines was created since then, and looking at TXT, i saw a lot of old airlines, and a lack of ICAO / IATA codes for various airlines. Thanks in advance, Renato Roberto SBSP / Brazil
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